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Yeti Snow MX
2025 Snowcheck

Introducing Snowcheck 2025: Prepare to Elevate Your 

Snow Riding Experience!

All New Carbon Spindle

Get ready to carve up the slopes like never before with our revolutionary new spindle design for the 2025 season! We've meticulously crafted this duel bladed spindle to maintain optimal carbon fiber distribution from tip to tail, resulting in a whopping 2 lbs weight reduction from last year's model. Plus, with carefully engineered geometry changes, experience a perfectly balanced front end for ultimate control and agility on the snow.


Book Now to Get in Line

Exclusively for Snowcheck Customers, we're unveiling surprise upgrades this summer that will take your Yeti SnowMX to new heights. These highly anticipated enhancements promise the needed traction to keep moving Yeti SnowMX ahead, but remember, quantities will be limited, so don't drag your brakes to seize the opportunity!


More than One Ski Option

As part of our commitment to innovation, we've teamed up with MNT.TOP to offer optional ski add-ons for those seeking a different front end feel. Customize your ride to suit your style and conquer any terrain with confidence.


First in the Industry Warranty

And because we believe in standing behind our product, we're proud to introduce a 1 year, Yeti Care program. Imagine hitting a rock and busting your deflector or gears – normally, this would mean costly repairs out of your own pocket. But not with the new Yeti Care program! Picture yourself shredding the mountain without a worry, knowing that your investment is fully protected against unexpected mishaps. Whether it's a cracked spindle, damaged ski, or broken components, our Yeti Care program has you covered. It's the ultimate peace of mind for snow enthusiasts, allowing you to push the limits and explore new horizons without hesitation.

(excluding normal wear items, half price $550 on carbon exchange)


Are You Ready?

Ready to secure your spot for the upcoming season? Place your SnowCheck and Booking Order today with a $500 deposit. Don't miss out – delivery is expected in late Fall 2024, so reserve your 2025 Yeti SnowMX kit now and get ready to dominate the snow!

Above the Clouds

The Story of GKR Snowbikes

GKR Snowbikes is a small independent business striving to make the

snowbike experience the best it can be!

Our passion for snowbiking drives us to not only ride, but to continue to build this great new sport.  As the sport evolves and the bikes continue to improve, it is the passion of riders that push the development of products that make the bike perform better, run reliably, and ensure that we have the best possible experience and still make it home at the end of the ride.

It is from this mindset that the GKR Snowbike engine covers have evolved.

These bikes were never designed to ride in handlebar deep snow so the need for engine protection to prevent overcooling and moisture infiltration created the need for products like this. After using many of the products that were already available on the market, we felt there was a great opportunity to create something better. Better fit, better looks, and better function.

Check out our store and products, and get in touch with questions or requests.

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Custom  Snowbike Engine Covers

Ultimate temperature control!

husky build.jpg

Bike Builds

Complete new builds, adding accessories, or service from the days ride, we do it all.

Big Bore kits, Bike set-up, Fork service.

With a great array of some of the best products around we can take your bike to the next level.

Any brand bike, and brand kit, new or used. 

Happy to discuss your dream bike or to simply get you on the snow on your first snowbike! 

Scroll across below to see some of the popular products available here